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Anger. Who never get angry in this world? none. Anger is one of many emotions' of human. When we are getting angry, i imagine that we were Naruto who has a Kyubi (monster) in his body. Yup! MONSTER! Anger makes us stronger, brutal and encouraging us to hurt others. Sometimes we can controlling it, but sometimes we can't. Kyubi is activated when Naruto feels very angry. Kyubi has many stocks of cakra (strength). No one can knock out Naruto when Kyubi were activated. Kyubi is the one reason of Madara Uchiha want to kidnap Naruto. He wants to take the kyubi and collect it with another monster to makes a great arms ever in this world.

Kyubi has locked by a mantra on Naruto's stomach, it's aimed to keep Naruto safely. But the mantra can be unlocked if Naruto's angry level too high. When Kyubi is activated, Naruto became a monster with seven tails and great power off course. Have you ever see your face when you are angry? Are you like a monster with seven tails or a human with a nice face?

A patient and reducing anger in my religion has been regulated. Take ablution and changing position from standing to sitting, from sitting to laying will reduce level of angry. It's really works! i have practice it (sometimes).

Back to Naruto and his Kyubi. If Naruto and his Kyubi has finished their battle with their enemies, Naruto's teacher (Kakashi Hatake) will read a mantra to lock the Kyubi anymore. This process sometimes hurt other because Kyubi won't ever like to locked in child body anymore.

It is similar with us (at least with me). When i am angry and i have hurt other, so someone come to calm me down, i mad to him/her easily after saying: "Hold up your tongue! You don't understand the problem!" even i know he/she knows the problem well. Sometimes i accuse bad thing for good thing because of anger. I guess you don't, right?

Naruto grows with the Kyubi inside his body, we grow with an anger inside of our body. Naruto has a mantra as a padlock for his Kyubi, we have a patient, religion and many other ways to reduce our anger. Naruto can manage his Kyubi and it's great power after years of training with many teachers, so are we. We can manage our anger by a process and training whole life. Remember, none can live with a arrogant and temperament person in his/her life. There are no limit of patient, but people has limit to keep trying being a patient people.

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