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Tri Rismaharini, great Indonesian women ever. Mayor of Surabaya, 2nd biggest city in Indonesia. Her efforts to changes Surabaya to be a great city was realized step by step. On her authority, Surabaya has received many awards, such as Kota Layak Anak (children friendly city), Kota Layak Perempuan (women friendly city) and many more. It takes only 3 years. Great women leader ever in this beautiful country.

To be a mayor is not a prestige for Risma. She has convinced that her position is God's mandate. She concern his decision to improve life degree of the orphan, poor and less fortunate. I guess she never care about her own health. She gives all of her knowledge, effort, and times for her lovely country and the populace in it. 

"I have said to my family, if I die because of my decision to close prostitution localization in Surabaya, please sincere it and never ever prosecute any one." 

That the most touching words that i heard from the leader in this world!

Her decisions to close prostitution localization in Surabaya was resolved after her direct investigations of the trafficking problem. Human trafficking is susceptible to happen in prostitution localization. Children abuse in this area is often happens. It was hurt Risma's heart. So, she calls the pimps and the prostitute to gather in her office to listen their aspirations and to know what is the main problem of the prostitution.

I always believe that prostitution localization is not a right problem solving. It just add another social problems, sharply for a kid and adolescent. Sorry to say that economic reason is just a mask for the true reason (e.g. addiction to get money as easy as they can). 

But there was many people who hate her, no matter how great is her effort to changes Surabaya. Pressures, threat and scolding never abate during her mayor's period. It was refer Risma to resign from her position. I don't know what is the true reason behind her thought to resign. I guess many political pressure from her party affiliation, and enemies. She always shedding tears if discussion about her resign plan held. There is no great women cry for trivial issue. There must a great reason that cause her resign plan or stay until finished her period. 

Miss Risma, you are one of greatest women in this world!!!! I'm your fans! I really love your "cowboy" style when you find a problem and try to resolve it. 

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