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April 18, 2012 Qeeya Aulia 0 Comments

THis is my first englih post. I never think that i can write it even just one post. I think, it so difficult and i can express what i felt as detail if i write it ini my mother language (Bahasa Indonesia). So, what topic that i can discuss it to night?

An extreme topic which always hang around in my own mind, a death.

If i could take a perspective about life, i see a life is just like a games. At least, life is seems like The Sim' Game. I awake in the morning, doing many routines, going to campus, back to home in the night, arrive safely (alhamdulillah), and then, sleep tight. 

So, how about death? is it like a game? Sometimes, it is yes and sometimes it's not.

Death is like shock therapy. It's perfectly specialist of trigger of an awkward moment, sad episode, and also unbeliveable fact. 

Imagine, when lose someone you love him so much, can you feel that he/she always around you for a weeks or a months? 

It is like a game without extra life or blood. It isn't because we never can't replay our life. 

A call a death as an extreme topic, because every time i think about a death, i just can let many tears from my eyes. I haven't do anything useful while my life and it's so hurt and painful :(

finally, our life and death, is just a simple thing for God to finish or begin it. With life and death, He show his power and authority as God of this universe. Thank's God, you are not a player of the game but the creator of these all. Thank's for being a awesome God for me :)

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