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This morning I have watched a video that shows me how small earth is. It is beginning from Himalaya, where the highest point of the world. Zoom outed to Tibet, Planet Earth and its orbit, until far away from Earth. My friend writes on his Facebook status, “are we cosmically significant?” His question reflecting a message of that video. Our cosmos are very heavy, overly tidy and complicated. Our milky way galaxy actually just a dot of ray between many rays in space. How can our Planet Earth ain’t bigger than an invisible dot?  How can some scientist argue that this universe created offhand? How can some people don’t trust there is a God who created everything with excellent composition? How can they feel that God not significant in their life?

I imagine there were a human in some planet in another galaxy. Are they human like us? Are they have eyes, mouth, nose and same body with us? Are they looking like an alien that some people convenience before? Are they using a UFO to make a trip around the universe? Are they needing an oxygen for breath? My imagination is really killing me right now!

Sometimes I chew over the afterlife. Where will afterlife be held? In the Earth? I think that the world will be smashed while the end of the world and afterlife will be held in the Earth. But after watching that video I believe that Allah can hold an afterlife calculation where ever He went. Many places in the world that I don’t know before.

With His greatness, we never ever worth to heigh our self. We are smaller than a dust for Allah. Our greatness can not competes God. He creates everything in detail, from the big tidy universe until smallest microscopic organism. Can we greater than Him? Absolutely NOT!

So that, let’s keep our faith to worship the only one who worthily to be worshiped, Allah. No God, except Allah the one. Because we are not too able to claim that we are really cosmically significant.

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